The Strawberry Dog

  • 1 large strawberry and 1 small strawberry
  • Soft cream cheese
  • small amount of sugar
  • 2 raisins
  • 3 blueberries
  • 1 cocktail stick
  • 2 mint leaves

  1. Take the large strawberry and cut a thin slice from the fat end (so that it stands upside down steadily) and remove the stalk
  2. Place it upside down in a plate
  3. Take the small strawberry and cut out the stalk
  4. Place a cocktail stick vertically through the middle of the upside down large strawberry
  5. Place the small strawberry on the cocktail stick with the pointy end towards you for the face
  6. Mix a small amount of soft cream cheese with a small amount of sugar and pipe two small blobs on to the face for eyes
  7. Place a raisin in each cheese blob for pupils
  8. Fill a blueberry with the soft cheese mixture (to make it sticky) and stick the blueberry on to the pointy bit of the strawberry for the nose
  9. Squeeze a small amount of the cheese mixture of to two mint leaves (to make them sticky) and stick one on each side of the small strawberry head to make ears
  10. Place two blueberries at the front of the large strawberry body for feet
This is an adaptation.

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