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We all know being a Mummy can be a bit monotonous at times. To spice things up a bit, I decided to start creating pictures out of my son's food. I would love to say that this new hobby was born from my son being a terrible eater and that this technique fixed all our problems but it isn't true - I'm lucky that my son is actually quite a good eater - but creating pictures with food definitely puts a smile on his face and it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside too.

When looking for ideas of easy ways to construct a fun and healthy plate of food, I found that there wasn't really one place you could go to for inspiration. There are plenty of sites with art made from food that looks a bit like this ...

... but let's face it, your bog standard Mummy is not going to be able to make something like this. Plus, it looks like a real faff to eat!  So there are four rules I set myself for food art creations that can appear on this blog. These are:
  1. IT MUST BE QUICK - we all know time is one thing Mummies don't have much of and patience is one thing toddlers don't have much of. If a creation takes longer than 15 minutes for me to make, it won't appear on this blog (doesn't necessarily include cleaning up time!).
  2. IT MUST BE EASY - the purpose of this blog is to provide inspiration for Mummies all over the world to brighten up their little ones' day with a plate of fun-looking food without adding any extra stress so ease is the order of the day. The creations contained in this blog are not about cooking but more about food placement so you don't need to be Nigella Lawson to make them.
  3. IT MUST BE HEALTHY - we all know it isn't difficult to get little people to eat chocolate, biscuits and other naughty things. What is more of a challenge is getting them to eat enough fruit, vegetables and other healthy balanced meals so the focus for all my food art creations is healthy nosh. If it looks fun but it is made of chocolate, it goes in my belly, not in this blog.
  4. IT MUST BE EASY TO EAT - not all toddlers have learnt the art of hand-eye co-ordination in the manner that they will go on to master yet so the creations featured here must be easy for a toddler to eat. Too tricky to eat = messy floor = stressed Mummy.
I can't promise you that if you have a child who is a particularly fussy eater this will solve all your problems but there is a good chance it might make your little one(s) feel a bit smug that their Mummy is such an awesome, creative type:

And it might even make them fist-punch the air and shout "YEAH!" at meal-times:

So it can't hurt.

I dearly hope you enjoy making your fun, healthy food creations as much as I do and that this blog provides you with some inspiration and, finally, that your little people enjoy eating your creations.

You can substitute the fruit and vegetables suggested with different ones for all of these creations. They are just a guide so get your creative juices flowing.

Go forth and build beautiful, edible pictures on a plate!

Disclaimer: Most of the creations on this blog are my own ideas but some are copies and some are adaptations. I will state on each post whether the creation is an original.

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